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"Amber, How did you do that? I was searching for years for the perfect woman and you found her in only 3 weeks! I am so excited, she is truly the woman of my dreams. I don't know what magic you used, but I cannot thank you enough!"
Nathan, 47, Entrepreneur

"Amber, Thank you for all the joy you've brought me. Jack is an amazing man and you have an exceptional talent. With gratitude."
Suzie, 32, Marketing

Each year extraordinary individuals are personally brought aboard with the vested interest of working directly with Jill and Amber. This limited select group of clients form what we call "The CEO Club".

World-class businessmen and women, time starved entrepreneurs, and notable celebrities, have all experienced unprecedented success, and appreciate the benefits of working directly with our founders.

If you feel you qualify for our highest level of service, please inquire within about this distinguished opportunity.

For more information on this premium package, please call directly: 415.332.4111 and request "The CEO Club."  For general information, or to inquire about our regular programs, use this link to go to our contact page.

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Amber and Jill

Jill Kelleher and Amber Kelleher-Andrews have long been considered America's pre-eminent match-makers. With their combined knowledge of human relationships and a healthy dose of intuition, they take the straight-forward approach of listening and asking questions to get to the heart of each person.

The Kelleher's passion for match-making and dedication to their clientele is reflected in their high success rate. With hundreds of marriages to their credit, they are often invited to be guest speakers on radio programs in America, Canada, London, and Australia. They frequently serve as recurring consultants on national TV panels and talk shows, including CNN, Good Morning America, and NBC News, and serve as relationship coaches for dozens of national publications.